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BEER  drinkers will have extra reason to celebrate Fleetwood’s 175 anniversary next year – brewers are making TWO tipples to mark the occasion.

The Fuzzy Duck Brewery of Poulton and Lytham Brewery have agreed to produce different types of tipple to give a wide choice – and the public will have the chance to name one of the beers.

The Lytham effort is being backed by the local branch of the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) and they are inviting members of the public to suggest a fitting name for the drink which will launched at the Fleetwood Beer Festival in February.

The person with the winning idea will get two VIP tickets to the festival – including free beer tokens!

Member of the festival organising committee Steve Walker said: “We are looking forward to tasting the beer – now we need someone to come up with a name.

“The brewery will be designing special beer mats and a clip for the pumps.

“It will be a lighter beer of about 4.5 per cent alcohol by volume (ABV) although we aren’t sure what it will taste like yet because we haven’t discussed the ingredients: the type of hops that will be used.

“We always have a commemorative glass for each year’s festival and this time there will be a Fleetwood 175th  emblem on the glass so it will be a nice souvenir.”

The Fuzzy Duck is brewing the first batch of their beer this week in time for a New Year’s Day launch at the North Euston Hotel. It will be called Fleetwood 175 Celebration Ale.

Brewery sales and marketing director Dave Shaw said: “There’s no rivalry involved there. The small breweries tend to co-operate with each other anyway.

“We agreed we would do a darker ale and they would do a lighter one.

“Ours will be 5.3 per cent ABV. Often when we make beers for special occasions we just rename an existing beer but this one will be brewed specially to a new recipe for the anniversary.

“We will be doing it in bottles as well although those probably won’t be available until February. And they will keep because it’s quite a strong beer. If you get some of the strong Belgian beers their best-before date can be five or six years ahead.”

Those with ideas for naming the Lytham Brewery Beer can write to CAMRA at 63 Rossall Grange Lane, Fleetwood, FY7 8AA or e-mail Entrants must be 18 or over.

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