Middle Earth Beer Festival

Thursday 11th June to Sunday 14th June 2015 MIDDLEslim

Hurst Green Village Hall, Ribble Valley, Lancashire

J.R.R Tolkien often visited his son John at Stonyhurst College in Hurst Green in Lancashire and it is widely believed that the Middle_Earth_Beer_Festival_4beautiful countryside of the Ribble Valley and the mystical & rugged Forest of Bowland were amongst Tolkien’s influences for Middle Earth – the setting for his masterpiece novel, The Lord Of The Rings.

Tolkien and his family stayed in a guest Middle_Earth_Beer_Festival_1house in the grounds of Stonyhurst College and is
believed that he worked on ‘The Lord of the Rings’ in a classroom on the upper galleries of the College. His signature appears i
the College guest book

middle earth beer festival

A number of names which occur in The Lord of the Rings are very similar to nam
es found locally, including Shire Lane in the village of Hurst Green and the River Shirebourn; a near perfect match to the surname Shireburn. The Shireburn family built Stonyhurst; and might the Hacking Ferry across the River Ribble be the inspiration for Buckleberry Ferry on the Brandywine River?

Over 40 real ales & 15 ciders from all parts of The Shire & beyond!
Great food available throughout the festival

Live music every day from 20 live bands & musicians.

Purchase tickets online at We Got Tickets more information here


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