A ruby beer packed with roasted malts to result in sweet caramel tones. Finished with american hops to give a well rounded hop finish.

Ape Ale

Ape Ale 4.2%

A blond ale brewed with light malts and infused with banana to give a subtle yet interesting twist to pale ale.

Twit Twoo

Twit Twoo 4.6%

Chocolate and caramel malts are combined with vanilla to produce a rich smooth dark beer with is satisfyingly indulgent.


A light beer brewed with light malts to give a smooth rounded ale, packed with aromatic hops to give a bursting floral finish.

Ginger Nut

Ginger Nut 4.2%

A traditional golden ale combined with subtle hints of ginger and hazelnut to give a twist to an odd classic.

Ice King

Ice King 4.4%

A extra pale ale brewed using only lager malt that gives a light smooth body. Combined with aromatic american hops to give a luxourious finish.

Angry Bird

Angry Bird

An easy drinking golden session ale with gentle bitterness and spicy hop aroma to finish.


Bumble Beer

A golden beer infused with honey that adds real character to the beer, combined with sweet delicate hops.

Top Dog

Top Dog 4.4%

A ruby ale packed with roasted malts to give plenty caramel undertones, hopped soley with British hops to give a great tasting ale.

Golden Beast

Golden Beast 4.2%

A premium strength golden ale with a sweet, delicate caramel character. Finished with enticing spicy hop aromas.