Bailey’s Blinder

A nice easy drinking malty ruby beer, specially selected hops give a gentle bitterness which gives way to a nice spicy aroma from the use of Challenger late in the brew process.

Bad Elf

Bad Elf 4.2%

This devious devilish golden ale combines a great golden ale with a notable twist of of chocolate and caramel, finished with fresh spicy hops.

Ho Ho Ho

HoHoHo 4.1%

A new beer for this Christmas, brewed using Premium lager malt gives a very easy going and drinkable pale ale. The use of American hops gives a rounded bitterness and a pleasant hop finish.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas 3.9%

An aromatic blonde beer, notable bitterness from German lager hops gives way to a floral spicy finish from the use of generous Slovenian hops used late in the process.