Lytham Stout

Lytham Stout 4.6%

velvety stout with a wonderful rich dark colour. A smooth full bodied beer with subtle bitterness giving way to late sweetness and underlying roast barley hints

Lytham I.P.A

Lytham I.P.A 5.6%

A pale Bitter with good, fresh sweet & hoppy flavour leading to a long, dry finish.

Lytham Royal

Lytham Royal 4.4%

A fuller – bodied English ale with a crisp fruity aroma and smooth dry finish.

Lytham Amber

Lytham Amber 3.6%

A traditional malty beer using the finest English hops.

Lytham Gold

Golden beer with a fruity aroma and lasting bitter finish.

Lytham Blonde

Lytham Blonde 3.8%

A Pale golden beer with a subtle hop aroma and smooth dry finnsih